About the BioInno Rapid

Product Commercialization Fellowship:

We are here to help bring your idea to market at scale faster than ever.

Bringing biopharmaceutical products to market is difficult and the industry is littered with products that failed not because they were not a good idea, but because the right things did not get done, a result that leads to an inability to raise funding for continued development. We offer guidance to help you understand what is needed and to avoid mistakes.

Through this fellowship, BioInno provides the following support to startups

Plan the entire development process

from discovery through commercialization


What does BioInno Rapid Product Commercialization Fellowship offer?


Prepare realistic budgets to be used for fundraising




Identify requirements for confirmation of research plans




Lead the transfer from research to development


Provide testing materials at each development stage: animal efficacy, toxicology, clinical testing and commercial production


Lead development activities outside of research, including animal testing, process and method development, and clinical research


Prepare regulatory filings and submit dossiers for INDs and NDAs


BioInno was founded by experienced industry veterans that have brought many products to market. For example, Dr. Scott Wheelwright led the commercialization activities for Natrecor® nesiritide and Fiblast® trafermin, two drugs that were commercialized by Scios (now part of JNJ). Scott was also part of the technical teams that developed the world’s first commercial diagnostics for HIV and Hepatitis C, two very successful commercial products. Scott has extensive experience in product development. Our other founding scientists, Dr. David Zhao and Dr. Rolf Werner, also have extensive experience in bringing products to market.

BioInno will be your partner throughout the development process.

Our expertise enables our partners to avoid mistakes, use their funds efficiently, and bring more products to market with the money they raise. When the startup is ready to consider markets in Asia, BioInno has the contacts to enable global clinical trials.

How does the application process work?

Participation is a competitive process. BioInno has established guidelines for applications for companies to confirm their fitness for participation in this program. Companies conducting research that leads to real products are invited to apply. These products may be drugs, vaccines, or technology platforms. BioInno evaluates each application based on the merits of the company, including the technology, leadership, potential for acquiring funding and potential for success.

What kind of companies is BioInno looking for?

We look for projects or platforms aimed at creating value for patients and healthcare communities. We focus on biologics, cell therapy, gene therapy, and phage therapy. We are eager to support innovative products or platforms that enable patients to use advanced biopharmaceuticals at an affordable cost.

Successful applicants may be platform companies that receive a discount on prototypes for their clients. BioInno can prepare the target product for each client under this special program. For example, BioInno can provide rapid development for potential platforms such as AAV, LV, delivery, and AI drug design companies.

Contact us: InternationalBD@bioinnobio.com

Application is on a rolling basis. Send us your business plan

(InternationalBD@bioinnobio.com) and someone from our team will read your application and respond promptly.

How to Apply?

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