Serum-free Media

Serum-free Cell Culture Media


A full range of services and products, including customized cell culture media development, contract manufacturing, and catalog cell culture media products.


Considerable cell culture media formulations and product development experience with self-owned intellectual property to meet the needs of different customers who are working on protein therapeutics, cell and gene therapies, and vaccines.


International leading serum-free cell culture media development systems and platforms.


GMP and non-GMP manufacturing capabilities to support preclinical, clinical and commercial biopharmaceutical needs.

Customized Media Development

- Proprietary media formulations
- International leading metabolic engineering and metabolic modeling tools
- High-throughput platforms (DOE + Automation)



Contract Media Manufacturing

- Non-GMP powder media manufacturing (1-50Kg)
- GMP powder media production (500kg / batch, annual output > 350 tons)
- GMP and non-GMP liquid media production (500 and 2000L batches, annually         over 480,000L)



Catalog Media Products

CHO, HEK293 and other CD media and feeds
- Insect cell, Vero cell, BHK21 and other media
- T cell and Stem cell media
- DMEM、MEM、M199、RPMI1640、DMEM/F12 and other basic media