BioInno Bioscience has a large number of culture media formulas with independent intellectual property rights, and has experience in commercial development and production. In terms of serum-free cell culture media development, our serum-free cell culture media development system and platform are in an international leading position, which can meet the needs of customers at all stages from preclinical to commercialization. Solentim VIPs and SONY flow cytometry can ensure better selection and accelerate the optimization of cloning.

Media Research & Production


Customized Media Development

- Proprietary media formulations

- International leading metabolic engineering and metabolic modeling tools

- High-throughput platforms (DOE + Automation)


Contract Media Manufacturing

- Non-GMP powder media manufacturing (1-50Kg/Batch)

- GMP powder media production (500kg/Batch, annual output > 350 tons)

- GMP and non-GMP liquid media production (500 and 2000L batches, annually over 480,000L)


Catalog Media Products 

- CHO, HEK293 and other CD media and feeds

- DMEM, F12 and other basic media

-Insect cells, Vero cells, BHK21 and other media

-T cell and stem cell media

Cell Line Development Platform


BioInno Bioscience can develop stable and high-yield cell lines, which is conducive to reducing the complexity of downstream purification process and ensuring the acquisition of high-quality antibody drugs.


-Vector construction and transformation, and packaging process optimization of common viruses (including AAV, adenovirus, lentivirus and baculovirus).

-A variety of host cells can be selected, including CHO-K1, CHO-DG44, HEK 293 and other cell lines with full commercial authorization.

-Well-developed transient and stable transformation systems provide protein for customers' early research.

-Efficient and robust screening platform can achieve within 2.5 months the top clone with expression amount above 5g / L.

-The ability to construct and prepare cell banks (MCB & WCB) in accordance with European, US and China GMP regulations.