Solicitude for BioInno Employees



We provide each employee with multiple guarantees in health services such as health check-up and occupational health lectures to help employees effectively cope with and relieve the psychological pressure from work and life and maintain a work-life balance. At the same time, we have built a training system that is in line with the company's development strategy and human resources development direction that effectively ensures the improvement and career development of employees, so as to help every BioInno employee grow professionally in their fields and achieve the target of growing together for both the company and employee.

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BioInno provides competitive and internally fair salary incentives, in addition to the basic salary and post salary, and also provides performance salary, benefit bonus, equity incentives for excellent employees, etc.


We always adhere to the principle that value creation determines value distribution and realize the unity of personal value and enterprise value with a combination of short-term, medium-term and long-term incentives, so that value creators can obtain higher returns and achieve a win-win situation for both the enterprise and the employee.






Benefits & Welfare


BioInno provides employees with various social security and housing provident funds. In addition, we also provide a wealth of corporate benefits and flexible benefits, including free parking, paid annual leave, meal allowance, apartment allowance and team building activities.

Remuneration Package

Office Space


We provide a comfortable and open office environment and have set up a sunshine room, indoor fitness area, etc., so employees can obtain pleasure and relaxation during leisure time. Here, every employee will build his own career and find career transformation.

Together with Family

In order to promote the balance between work and life, we provide paid leave for our employees. At the same time, we advocate the efficient work for balance between life and career. We hope every BioInno employee can find a balance between work and life, pleasure at work and happiness in life.

Passion after Work



In order to enable every BioInno employee to work and live happily, in addition to competitive salaries, we also regularly hold various "Happy Activities".