Quality and Intellectual Property Security

  • Quality Control

    Our quality system meets the GMP requirements of FDA, EMEA and China NMPA.


    Product development PQS complies with or exceeds ICH Q8, ICH Q9, ICH Q10 and data integrity regulations; biopharmaceutical technology transfer and contract manufacturing comply with relevant GMP regulations and guidelines.


    Our quality management system covers the quality management activities required over the entire life cycle of drug products. Our quality management system is continuously improved through frequent monitoring, review and regular updates to ensure efficient operation.


  • Intellectual Property Security

    BioInno Intellectual Property


    Since its establishment, Bioinno has attached great importance to intellectual property protection and has formulated a series of comprehensive and detailed internal rules and regulations for intellectual property protection. We firmly believe that the protection of intellectual property rights is the protection of innovation, and innovation is the basis for the survival and development of every biopharmaceutical enterprise. Whether it is our own intellectual property rights or the intellectual property rights of customers, we strictly protect and treat them with the most rigorous and professional attitude, so that every intellectual property right can be transformed into value and serve the enterprise and even the whole of society better.

    Patent Type

    Patent Name

    Patent No.

    Utility model patent

    A Novel Culture Device

    ZL 2021 2 0427325.3

    A Low Temp Fine Milling System with Clean Mixing

    ZL 2021 2 0507232.1

    A System of Pin Mill with Nitrogen Protection

    ZL 2021 2 0518696.2

    A Synergic Device for Mixing and Dispensing

    ZL 2021 2 0847221.8

    A Weighing and Dispensing System

    ZL 2021 2 0849251.2

    An integrated clean clothing

    ZL 2021 2 2813374.3

    Invention patent

    A method for one-step synthesis of L-carnosine in whole cells

    ZL 2019 1 0040717.1

    A method for efficient catalytic synthesis of L-carnosine by whole cell

    ZL 2019 1 0040744.9

    An one-step synthesis method of L-carnosine using L-amino acid ligase

    ZL 2019 1 0040733.0

    An one-step method for synthesizing L-carnosine and truncated L-carnosine synthase

    ZL 2019 1 0041416.0

    Customer Intellectual Property


    Customer information (including, but not limited to: Intellectual Property, methods, etc.) security protection is the lifeblood of BioInno. Taking customers as the core and based on various conditions, control and confidentiality regulations, such as organizational isolation, operation security, network encryption, employee authorization, etc., we guarantee secure control of customer data and information.


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