• Development Solutions

    World-class Serum-free Cell Culture Media Development System


    We develop serum-free cell culture media, feeds, and cell culture processes based on metabolic engineering and metabolic modeling with a scientific high-throughput cell culture media design and development platform. We can identify and focus on optimizing 4 - 6 key components among nearly a hundred kinds of media components, and using the world's most advanced customized serum-free media can quickly develop culture processes and move to commercial manufacturing from R&D.


    High-Throughput Media Development Process Based on Solid Science

    Media Design → High-throughput Formulation → High-throughput Culture → High-throughput Analysis → Advanced Analysis → Bioreactor Validation → New Media Design DOE & Manufacturing Validation.

    Cell Culture Media Manufacturing Capacities



    1. The founder’s extensive technology experience as R&D director at two leading global culture media enterprises for more than 10 years has laid the foundation for BioInno cell culture media products to meet the needs of customers at different levels.


    2. Compliance with international supply chain standards ensures timely supply and consistency between batches. Non-GMP small batches can be shipped within a week, while GMP manufacturing batches can be shipped within a month.


    3. Advanced continuous pin-mill technology is adopted to ensure first-class powder media quality. BioInno already has five patents for our media manufacturing processes.


    4. Stable and consistent commercial manufacturing capacity: solid media at 350 tons/year (~14-million-liter equivalent) and liquid media at 480,000 liters/year with space reserved for more media manufacturing capacity.


    5. Quality control of upstream key raw materials used in culture media, with audit of suppliers and regulation of the GMP system ensure the quality and stability of our products.




    Technical Support Services


    According to the challenges and special needs of customer cell culture processes, we provide solutions to difficult problems, including novel approaches, experimental data analysis and technical guidance.

  • Case Presentation

    Case 1 Performance of BioInno CD Media and Feeds

    BioInno CHO cell culture media and feeds for the customer's Fc fusion protein project: cell growth pVCD over 20E6 cells/mL and protein expression over 8 g/L, superior to international leading brand products.

    Case 2 Contract Manufacturing

    The customer provides its own formula. BioInno Bioscience promises to protect the customer's intellectual property rights, produce and process in strict accordance with the formula provided by the customer, optimize the program for the customer on the premise of ensuring the same quality and performance, so as to reduce the cost. In follow-up, we can also provide formula optimization services to continuously improve the product performance.

case1: customized service for CD CHO culture medium and supplement

A project did not carry out deep culture medium and process optimization to support cell growth.The pVCD has exceeded 20E6 cells/mL and the protein expression has exceeded 8g/L.